Wednesday, October 8, 2008

White or red?

As I said, this was the brain child of my friend's a three week rotating menu. So, this post looks a lot like the one Bonnie put up about her menu (sorry, Bon.)

Week 1
Monday--Macaroni or spaghetti*
Tuesday--Fruit day**
Wednesday--Fish and veg
Friday--Breakfast food
Saturday--Leftovers or dine out

Week 2
Monday--Baked potatoes
Tuesday--Hamburgers and hotdogs
Wednesday--Fruit day
Saturday--Leftovers or dine out

Week 3
Monday--Fruit day
Tuesday--Chicken and side
Wednesday--Tuna casserole
Thursday--Porkchops and side
Friday--Bagel pizzas
Saturday--Left overs or dine out

*Mondays have to be easy because I have meetings every other Monday night, plus who wants to cook something complicated on a Monday?
**Nathan insisted on having a fruit day every week, it has come to mean, "We have fruit, eat it if you want. I'm not cooking tonight."

Most of the items are pretty general, which allows me to learn to cook different kinds of fish or chicken or sandwiches. Also, the "anything" on Sunday gives me leeway to make whatever I feel like.

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  1. I love the fruit day - that is hilarious!

    And it would totally never fly in this house, where I live with Mr. Meat. (And if there's not meat then it's at least 3 eggs.)