Monday, October 20, 2008

Ah, memories...

I realize that for most brides, the biggest day of her life is her wedding day. Well, the same is true for me, but the rehearsal dinner was nearly as great.

Two years ago today, at six o'clock, was Nathan and my wedding rehearsal. The rehearsal itself was fun, almost everyone showed up on time and even though the whole thing seemed to take longer than it should have, I was happy we had finally gotten to that point.

Then came the party. My dad has five brothers who love to cook and are like, five of my favorite people, ever. It seemed logical to me then to ask them to cook the rehearsal dinner. We discussed it for a little while, then in May we talked about what should be served. And that was the very last decision I made for the rehearsal. That is probably what made it so great. I didn't have to do anything. My wonderful aunts decorated, my wonderful uncles cooked, and everything was perfect.

My parents' house was packed with friends and family the night of the rehearsal dinner, my brother was there with his wife, who was then his fiancee, both my sisters were home, my parents, me, and my friends Bonnie and Travis. And this was the first time Bonnie met my mother's Halloween tree. It was to become a favorite story of both family and friends. For the story go to Bonnie's blog at here and scroll down to Autumn Pictures. (As you can see, I haven't learned to properly link to the blog yet).

The rehearsal itself was also the first "Holy Cow this is actually happening moment." Nathan and I were saying our practice vows at the rehearsal and we both said it seemed a bit surreal.

The rehearsal dinner also provided the bridesmaids something to eat while we were waiting for the wedding to start the next day. Everyone was more than happy to see the pan of cheesy potatoes and leftover cheesecakes.

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  1. Iy was really great - all that food and your so-cute uncles.
    And I ADORE that tree. Every day I take time to admire it.
    And finally - talk about big moment with practicing your vows - do you remember how Trav and I basically got married at our rehearsal?
    Blog or email me about your anniversary.