Sunday, October 19, 2008

Early holiday

Our anniversary is in two days, and I'll post on that when we get there, but every year (or, at least last year) I try to make a CD of all the pictures we've taken during the year. Mostly to get them off the camera, but also because it's fun to have them on a CD so we can just pop them in and watch.

Anyway, since our anniversary is so close, I wanted to get our Halloween pictures on there, so here...Happy early Halloween.

We've had three Halloweens since we've been married and this is the first time we've had a pumpkin. We got a carving set and carved in a bat flying at a window. It's not great, so it's kind of hard to see.

I'm not one for putting clothes on animals. I don't want to feed the conception that animals should be treated like children. However, ever since we got Hecate, whose name comes from the Greek goddess of witchcraft, because she's a black cat and we got her in October, I have wanted to find a little witch hat for her on Halloween. I found one this year. And since we have two cats now, I felt it necessary to get a hat for Hyperion as well. It didn't go quite how I had expected, but here it is our first picture of our cats in their hats.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Poor cats, they must really have felt silly!