Saturday, October 4, 2008


I'm not a creative cook, or baker. I don't draw or paint. I don't sew. In general I am not a visually artistic person. But I got bored a few weeks ago and a good friend of mine who knits taught me how. I actually enjoy it. It's relatively easy and mindless, so I can do it while I watch TV or ride in the car with little to no interference.

My first project, which I'm calling a table runner, is a bit rough, but I actually am surprised by how nice it looks. Nathan and I went to Hobby Lobby today because I was looking for new needles and yarn. I was surprised at what an active interest he took in yarn selection. He picked out the Bamboo Spun yarn I bought for a scarf that will probably be for him in the end.

The hope is that eventually I will be good enough at it to make a hat or a blanket for the baby when we finally finish the adoption process. If anyone has cool and easy-ish patterns I could try, please let me know.

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