Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We have...a tooth!

And I honestly didn't even know it.  Mom and I were out with him today, and she put her finger in his mouth for him to chew on and she said, "He has a tooth!"  I couldn't believe it.  I felt around on his gum and felt a hard little ridge along the bottom.  Definitely a tooth.

 I even asked the pediatrician at his six-month appointment yesterday about teeth and he basically said when they come, they come.

He's been a little fussier lately, but not terrible.  He didn't get bad diaper rash, he hasn't had a fever that I've noticed.  He's just kind of been Elijah, but a little sleepier.  Maybe that was the clue.

UPDATE:  I spoke too soon.  The last couple days have not been too fun.  Poor little guy isn't feeling well and wants to be held all day.  I've been trying to distract him with things like introducing juice and putting apple sauce in his cereal, but it's not working too well.  He's just not feeling well.

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