Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Did I really say that?

There are a bunch of things I never thought I'd say that have become part of my life since we brought Elijah home.

"I don't care what side of the bed I sleep on."  Nathan and I (or maybe just me) used to be big into "that's your side, this is my side."  When we got home with the baby, Nathan's wonderful sister, Janelle, and her husband had set up the pack and play their daughter used as a bassinet in our room, because we didn't have a bassinet.  They set it up on Nathan's side of the bed.  If you remember, we got home in the middle of the night.  I collapsed onto the side closest to the bassinet and haven't thought about it since.

"For the love of St. Michael, where is the musical panda?!"  The loss, even temporarily, of my son's favorite toy is enough for household panic and an attic to basement search.  Before this the only thing that got my attention like that was losing my keys or ipod.

"Hold still, Mama has to get the bugger."  Yes, I pick his nose.  I really never thought about having to do that while I contemplated parenthood.

"Here it comes, yummy, yummy peas."  You could supplement "squash" for peas, but I hate peas a lot more than squash.

"Gots" In any context as in, "Mama gots it," or "Daddy gots it."  I watch my grammar pretty scrupulously and initially I was appalled when I heard myself say this.  Then I got over it.

"Okay, let's just watch 'Robin Hood.'" I'm working on getting over my screen phobia, but I surprised myself the first time I put a movie in.  It was about 100 degrees and he was tired and cranky and I was out of ideas.

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