Friday, July 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes

A big thanks to my cousin Larry.  He read about my troubles getting Elijah to nap and he passed on some advise his daughter's pediatrician gave him and his wife.  Establish nap times, always put the baby down at the same times every day and eventually they will get the hint.  I have to say, this has already helped out a lot.  I started putting Elijah down for naps at 11:30 and he really hasn't fought it too much.  He cried the first couple days, but always dropped off to sleep eventually.  We haven't yet established an earlier nap time and I'm gone in the afternoons, but the 11:30 has really helped out.  Thanks, Larry!

Anne's home!!  She came home this past weekend and has been hanging out for a couple days.  It is so nice to have her around.

Ever since we brought the baby home, Nathan and I have gotten away from doing the monthly budgeting that we were before.  We have had to recover from adoption expenses, but I noticed lately that we were spending a lot more than we should be.  It was especially handy to have cash that was our only personal spending money for the month.  So today, I think I'm going to drag the notebook back out and try to get us back on track

We are going to be having a house guest in a couple weeks.  A friend of Nathan's whom he doesn't get to see very often is coming to stay with us for a few days.  We have been trying to get the house cleaned and ready for company.  I had no idea how hard this actually is with a little one.  We kind of wait until there are two of us here so one can play with the baby and the other can clean.  This means we can clean at 11:30 pm when I get home from work, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings and Monday and Tuesday evenings.     


He really doesn't like his jumper, so this picture is something of an anomaly.  Nathan was trying to entertain him, and doing very well.

Baby boy has developed some frightening habits.  He has started rolling onto his stomach in his sleep.  I know he's perfectly fine, but it terrifies me every time I check on him and find him that way.  I have to fight the urge to flip him back over.  He also takes his pacifier out and tries to eat it.  I kid you not.  He has a "hospital" style paci, they're the only kind he'll take, and I read they are specifically designed so that they can't be swallowed, but today I found him with it almost completely in his mouth and kind of freaked out.  It might be time to take the pacis away.

I actually wrote this post on Thursday afternoon.  I love Nathan being home on Fridays, but it kind of throws off my rhythm and Friday is usually over before I even think about 7 Quick Takes.

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