Monday, July 30, 2012

Separation Anxiety

No, not Elijah's...mine.  So far, he still seems pretty okay with Mama and Daddy leaving him with one set of grandparents...but it tears me up inside.  Even our regular 2 days a week for the three hours we are both at work at the same time.  I hate leaving him with anyone.  And I actually feel really badly about that because I know my parents and my in-laws take great care of him and have a lot of fun, too.

It's gotten to the point that I kind of want to take him everywhere with me.  I had a doctor's appointment in downtown Chicago last Tuesday and wanted to bring him along.  But my mom, who was driving, said it would be hard on him.  So I left him with my in-laws and then was anxious the whole time.  But somehow, leaving while Nathan is home is different, I don't get as nervous about that.

I'm naturally a little solitary and every couple months I do have to have some time to myself.  Luckily, last week, Nathan and a friend of his who was visiting, stayed in on a night I had off.  So, I got Elijah put to bed and then went up to DeKalb to see Disney's Brave.  I didn't know if I'd like being at the movies by myself, but I had a great time.  I bought my own box of mini chewy Sweettarts and sat at the back of the theater.  The movie was cute, but I had the best time being there alone.

I don't know if all this anxiety is normal.  And I can't tell if it's a good thing or not.

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