Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's great

One of the things that's great about my mom is her foresight. When she and my dad got married, they had very few Christmas decorations. She had to ask her mom and mother-in-law for them for years before she had a nice collection of them. She didn't want that to happen to my sisters and I so when were a little older she started collections for us. I started collecting angels, Anne started collecting snowmen, and Elizabeth collected Santa Clauses. Which means of course that nearly all my Christmas decorations are angels, but they are very beautiful.

One of the things that's great about my mother-in-law is her talent. She has an eye for crafts and decorations that I definitely don't. She planned the pew bows and made the table decorations for Nathan and my wedding and they were beautiful. Every year her Christmas tree is themed and every year she made one ornament for Nathan and one for his sister. She gave us the box with the ornaments and a record of what year it was, what the theme was, and what the ornament she made was. It's an incredible treasure.

She also made ornaments out of our wedding favors. We used the little gauze bags and put M&Ms and Hershey's Kisses in them with a little favor tag. She baked clay in the colors and shapes of M&Ms and made foil wrappers in the shape of Kisses as ornaments. I absolutely love them.

This is the first ornament she made for Nathan in 1981. It was for her tree with soft ornaments and hung near his sister's ornament which had pink wings and a bow.

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