Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cut-out cookies...or not

Elizabeth came for a visit this past weekend and in anticipation I bought Christmas cookie cutters, so we could bake. As it turned out, our weekend was full with looking at Christmas lights, seeing a movie, and talking and we didn't actually get around to making cookies.

After she left I thought I would make the cookies myself, after all, I made scones from scratch this past October. How hard can cut out cookies be?

Turns out, very. As with every time I try to make them on my own, even after chilling them and putting confectioners sugar everywhere so the dough doesn't stick to everything, it was almost melded to my kitchen table. I pulled handfuls off and mad them into drop cookies. And they ended up not making them to work, like I had been hoping.
Unfortunately, when I cook and things don't go my way, I get very temperamental and Nathan gets upset. I was determined after this debacle to give away all our cookie cutters. But I think instead I just won't try to make them without supervision for quite a while

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