Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday

I've mentioned before how important tradition is to my family. Well, here's another big one. Every year, my mom and sisters drag me out of bed at five thirty and we begin the annual Black Friday shopping extravaganza. It always starts out the same way, we hit up one of DeKalb's bigger stores, this year it was Target. Then we head across the street to Panera for breakfast (it's always Panera). Where, because I don't like bagels, the nice people behind the counter make me a sandwich at 7 a.m.

From there we bop around DeKalb. Always hitting Kohls, Carson Pairie Scott, and JC Penney's. I actually bought more this year than I had thought I would, but I was dealing with a touch of illness and was very grateful to not have to be trying on clothes.

We save that for the day after Christmas.

Then we went home and Anne and I made Spritz cookies while listening to Christmas carols. If you've never made Spritz cookies I recommend you try them. It's pretty easy, the whole recipe consists of about four sticks of butter and half a bottle of almond extract. It wouldn't be Christmastime around my parents' house without them.


  1. I love spritz cookies, but seriously, what do you have against bagels? Especially the super unbagels at Panera?

  2. I'm very into texture and bagels are just too dense for me. I eat them when I have like an asiago cheese one or if they are the only thing available, but I wouldn't order one specifically to eat.