Thursday, September 25, 2008

My goals

I'm not usually one for setting hard and fast long-term goals. I don't want to end up at whatever stage the goal is set for and not have accomplished anything. I'm not that much of a masochist. However, Nathan has been offered a job in a neighborhood not far from the one we're living in now. Which is nowhere near where the house we want to buy is.

So we were discussing it and Nathan asked me what I wanted to be doing in the next two to three years and I seriously thought about it. I came up with two things.

1. I am writing a book. I know that sounds cliche since it seems that everyone these days is writing or thinking of writing a book, but I am. Actually, it's mostly written, I'm just working on edits and showing it to my writer's group. So, sometime in the next two to three years I would like to have this book in the hands of either a publisher or an agency and have started on my second book.

2. Nathan and I are going to adopt. We were going to do it this year, like I said before, but at the moment it's being put on the back burner. So, my second goal is that sometime in the next two to three years I would like us to have at least started the adoption process.

There they are, my short-term, long-term goals. They're not much, but I'm excited about them.

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