Friday, September 12, 2008

I saw a Mini Cooper today.

If I've never been where I'm going to, chances are high I'm going to get lost on the way, or at least think I've gotten lost. It's a fun sensation that includes fear, anxiety, tears, and near-hyperventilation.

Or at least, it used to. The thing is, my dad is an expert at finding his way and navigating a map. He also absolutely loves Austin MINI Coopers. I went to college three and a half hours from home and on my first time driving back, I didn't recognize where I was and started to panic.

As I was driving along freaking out and beginning to dial the phone, an electric blue MINI Cooper drove by and I thought of my dad and realized everything was going to be okay. I calmed down and started recognizing the landscape around me.

Now, like today, everytime I see a Mini, I think of my dad and suddenly feel better about whatever it is that is bothering me or stressing me out.

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