Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elijah update

Elijah is almost five months old now, and baby boy has changed a lot.

At his doctor's appointment at the beginning of this month we found out he weighed 14.5 lbs and was 25 inches long.  I think he's probably closer to 15 lbs now. 

He can sit fairly straight with minimal support.
He eats baby oatmeal and carrots now.  We'll start him on something else later this week.
He has a real belly laugh.
He sleeps reliably through the night.
He eats very well.
He has favorite toys: Baby Einstein musical panda and Baby Einstein music box.
His favorite person is probably still Mama.
He will roll from his back to his tummy, but not the other way.
He still hates tummy time.
He loves to play chase.  I hold him and we "run" while Nathan chases us, then he tickles Elijah's tummy and turns around and we chase him.  
He spends a lot of time outside and loves it.  But not this week.

His least favorite thing is probably napping.  (Seriously, he does NOT nap well.  Which is probably why it's taken me a month to get this blog updated.)

It seems like he has just noticed Hecate and Hyperion.  He watches them a lot these days. 

He's a lot of fun.

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  1. He's super cute! And Teresa almost weighs as much as him!