Sunday, June 24, 2012


I love taking Elijah to Mass with me.  I think it's important for him to know this is something we do every week unless we have a very strong reason not to.  I also like watching everyone else smile at him as he smiles at them.

Usually we leave around 8:20 for 9 am Mass and I give him his morning bottle in the pew before Mass starts.  My problem is what to do when I want to go to confession.  Those days I usually just leave him at home with Nathan, but I hate that.

For other Catholic moms or dads who go to Mass on their own, how do you handle this situation?  Is it okay to take him into the confessional with me?


  1. I've taken my babes into confession with me and just told the priest so he'd know what was going on. I've also arranged for someone I know to hold/watch my kid(s)just while I'm in the box - it would be my mom or another parishioner I had gotten to know and who loved my kiddos. And lastly, you could always set up an appointment during the week when you can just leave Elijah at home while you run to church for a quick confession.

  2. your brother was told by the priest in VA that it is acceptable to take them with you until they are a year old.