Monday, February 7, 2011

Stepping forward...a little

Finally, after many months of anxiety and checking the mailbox everyday for our license, all our paperwork for the adoption has gone through successfully.  We still haven't gotten our physical license yet, but our social worker assured Nathan by phone the other day that everything has been okayed and we should have the license within the week.

And hopefully, in the next few days, our information will appear on our agency's website.  This is the official last step before we are chosen.  And yet, I find myself feeling even more anxious and nervous now than I did when nothing was happening.  We have come almost eight months into our two year contact and have only gotten this far.  I am very afraid no one will have chosen us by the time our contract runs out. 

But I am excited.  I have started looking at cribs and infant necessities.  I hope we'll need them soon

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