Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Medical Roulette

I love it when the insurance company feels like it needs to remind me how old I am. 

It's endearing when they decide because I have grown up, they get to play games with my medical care. 

The older I get the harder it is to believe the insurance company views my care as other than a way for them to try their luck.  There is a fairly well documented history of letters and recommendations that clearly state that I need to be seen by pediatric cardiologists.  This is what the whole problem stems from.  I have found that in lay terms "pediatric" really means "when you're 18 you're out." 

So I usually have to fight very hard to be seen by the right people.  And for the most part, a well-written letter from an adult cardiologist saying they cannot treat me has done the trick relatively well.

Until now...

I am attempting to see my doctor for a check up and I have been told that there is an adult cardiologist who "believes she can help me."  There are quite a few Ango-Saxon four letter words that I have already said about this which bear repeating, but not here.

I would really like to believe that this is the answer to my prayers.  After all, seeing a pediatric doctor at the age of 26 is slightly humiliating.  I have always wished there was some kind of "transitional" cardiology.  This particular doctor I have to go see has a couple patients who have congenital defects similar to mine, which is why she thinks she can treat me.   But for 26 years I have been told I need to stick with pediatrics and because I have been willing to fight for it, I have received excellent care.  It is kind of hard to suddenly turn my back on all that.

In other news, look what I did!

I messed up the bottom and it is too small to pull down over my shoulders, but I'm proud of it anyway.  It looks perfect, even if it isn't and that is really all I wanted for my first one.

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