Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Settling in

We are more or less officially settled in.

We have a phone line, the Internet, a wireless connection (yay!), and clothes lines hung both outside and in the basement so I can do laundry on yucky days.

We are still coping without a stove. I'm getting to know my crockpot on a very profound level. I have discovered I cannot boil noodles in it and I also learned a tuna casserole without mayo should not cook in the slowcooker for seven hours.

Also, don't put pieces of porkchops in a soup with beef broth, and lasagna in a crockpot comes out beautifully.

I need to find a hook I can screw into the ceiling above my desk to hang a light, and we are still without a dryer, but the clothes lines work perfectly. Access bookcases can be used for movie storage. I never thought I would have access bookcases.

The Waterman library, at which my wonderful mother-in-law works, lends movies for free. Yay!

We have entertained friends and family and look forward to being able to host more.

We need to paint quite a bit and clean some more, but the house is definitely looking more like a house.

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