Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Parking lot rose

One of Nathan's duties at his new job is to pick up the litter on campus.

So I came home last week to find a white rose sitting on the kitchen table with a Kit Kat bar.

This totally floored me. Not only did it mean Nathan had picked up on the fact that roses are the only flower I care about, but that white roses are my favorite. (It's a weird family-politics thing.) He also seemed to have remembered how much I love chocolate.

I picked up the rose and was all excited when Nathan came bounding into the room and said, "Hey, did you see what I found in the parking lot?!"


To his credit, the chocolate was great and the rose opened beautifully.


  1. Give Nathan credit, he brought it home for you and didn't eat the KitKat bar himself.

  2. Nathan doesn't like chocolate.