Sunday, April 12, 2009

Moved in

I actually took the time today to take pictures of the evolution of our new home.

This is my work area in our bedroom. I like having my computer out of the way of the high-traffic areas of the house. It means I might actually get things done.
This is my favorite feature of our bedroom. I love those bookshelves. We have also been able to store larger holiday decorations in the cabinets under the shelves.

Our guest bedroom is a little sparse, but it works. I was able to set up the folding table and wrap birthday presents without feline interference.
This is looking into the sun room. We don't have enough furniture yet to use it, but I'm hoping to go second hand furniture shopping soon and find some things to make this room usable.
These are my favorite features of the sun room. This looks into the living room. There are more pictures of the living room and kitchen, but I will include them on a later post.

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