Saturday, March 31, 2012

Phase "Not-the-Mama"

My brother once said that babies have two parents: the Mama and Not-the-Mama.  He observed this after my sister-in-law went back to work and Nate (my brother) spent weekends home alone with their infant son.  For upwards of 12 hours a day, the child my brother nicknamed "Mr. Screamy" screamed at him for no reason other than that he was Not-the-Mama.  Eventually, Mr. Screamy grew out of this stage.

Elijah has recently discovered that Nathan is Not-the-Mama.  I spend all day everyday cuddling, talking to, singing to, and playing with Elijah.  When Nathan comes home, I pass the baby off for bonding with his father, leave the room to work on dinner and within minutes, the screaming commences.  Thankfully it doesn't last 12 hours.  Nathan is getting pretty good at calming him down by singing, bouncing and walking.  And I'm glad it's happening now, when I'm still at home, instead of in a few weeks, when I'll be at work.

But it still breaks my heart.  Nathan is already such a great dad.  Every phone conversation we have while he is at work begins with "How's the little man?"  When he gets home, first thing he checks on Elijah.  I can't wait until this phase passes.

Yes, that is Elmo's voice.

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