Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Poor Boys

Despite my best efforts, Elijah came down with some form of the same virus Nathan has.  I took Little Man to the doctor last Monday and was told he has bronchiolitis.  I returned the next day because he sounded a little worse, only to be told he was actually better.  We've been coping by keeping him upright as much as possible--have the pack-and-play propped up on books--and humidified.  We made a trip with my dad to walk-in care yesterday because it's been almost a week and he sounds the same.

The doctor there said that's just the way bronchiolitis is.  It hangs around for 7-10 days and the baby sounds a lot worse than he feels.  They did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia, and it was slightly traumatic.  I had to hold him down while they took the images.  Poor little thing screamed so loudly Grandpa, who was sitting out in the waiting room, could hear him. 

Elijah's been coughing and wheezing for a while, but he slept 7 hours last night and actually does sound better today.

As for Nathan, he's been sick since the 8th and is still taking Musinex and Sudafed to get through his days.  I was sick when we were in the other state to pick Elijah up 7 weeks ago (seriously, 7 weeks?!), so I'm hoping that is protecting me now against whatever this is.

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  1. Oh my goodness I totally forgot about that show! I am laughing hysterically! Your little man is so adorable by the way!