Friday, September 10, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Usually, I shop at Aldi because they have cheap off-brand food.  But I'm beginning to wonder if this is the best way to do the shopping.  I tend to like to do my grocery shopping every 2 to 3 weeks.  And even with shopping at Aldi, I easily spend $100 for just Nathan and I for those 2 weeks. 

We have a Jewel card because we lived really close to one in Tinley Park and it was easy to run to Jewel for small things.  I only shopped there once or twice, because, while they are my favorite place to shop, they are much more expensive.  I have never been a coupon-shopper but I'm starting to think if I maintain a list and take coupons and use our prefered card Jewel might be cheaper.  Or even Wal-Mart.

Any thoughts?


  1. First, I would say that $25 to feed a person for a week is not bad at all, although I do think you could spend less.

    I find that the things I buy are cheaper when I shop at Kroger (comparable to Jewel in price I think). I use my Kroger card and coupons and my weekly savings are between $10-$25. I tend to spend more at Wal-Mart, but again that's based on what I buy.

    Lastly, do you do meal planning and shop with a list? Those two things are also very helpful for me staying on budget.

  2. Make menus and shop with a list! I would think that shopping with those things would be worth a try at Jewel.