Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Godmother in Training

My older brother's wife is going to have a baby. She's due in March and they have asked me to be the baby's Godmother. 

This is a very important role in the life of all Catholic families.  And, while my Godmother is my wonderful Aunt Clare, I have to say, I know very little about it.  What does a Godmother do?  I know that officially speaking their role is to assist in the spiritual upbrining of their Godchild(ren).  How does one go about this? 

I have to say, as touched and humbled as I am by this honor at this point, I feel little equiped for it.  I need guidence.


  1. Godmothers are very important for a Catholic child. You are repsponsible for the religious upbringing of the child and gifts at the holidays and birthday, hahahahaha

  2. Um...'scuze me, but that was just your family. Daddy's family didn't do gifts for Godchildren. So, it's not really a thing is it?