Monday, October 19, 2009

Richard Sharpe and me...and Nathan

The rarity of this makes it worth a blog post.

Nathan and I have actually found a movie...or in this case series of movies...that we both enjoy. Bernard Cornwell has a book series about a British soldier in the Napoleonic Wars named Richard Sharpe. I love these books. I love the character and the setting and everything.

Several years ago, the BBC began making the books into a movie series. I ordered one from the library and loved it. Nathan wandered through the room a couple times while I was watching it and also took a shine to it.

It took me a while to realize they did not make the movies in the same order as the books and the movies have so little to do with the books that I don't feel bad watching movies before I get to that particular book in the series.

These days I'll order one and it will come in and we usually watch it within a day and the next day Nathan asks me to order the next one.

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