Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hecate's Holiday

Yesterday, because I couldn't wait any longer, I decorated for the upcoming Hecate's Day. Yes, our cat has a holiday dedicated entirely to her. Or at least, that's what you'd think if you saw how we got ready for it in this house. In reality most people call it Halloween and so did we before we got Hecate.

Last year for Christmas, I received an abundance of decorations which either are black cats, or have black cats on them.

This is our Halloween candy bucket for any trick-or-treaters who might come. I hope we get some this year, we never had any in Tinley Park.

I'm thankful this season only lasts a month, otherwise our cat might develop a God Complex.

You may remember this decoration from a post last year, it was gift from Elizabeth. This year, I think Hecate might be bigger than it.

Last Halloween, my mother-in-law bought me this decoration and then realize she liked it so much she went back and bought one for herself, too.

I hope everyone enjoys decorating and getting ready for Halloween in your own way. I just feel bad Hyperion doesn't have a holiday of his own.


  1. Hecate is so cute she should have her own holiday!

  2. The previous comment is mine, I didn't realize Margaret was logged on.

  3. I like the white pumpkin with the witch. You better watch out! :)

  4. Oh, no! You, my dear friend, are not getting anywhere near MY Halloween decorations!! :P