Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I think there's a kitchen in there!

Since April, Nathan and I have been operating with 1/2 to 3/4 of a kitchen. When we moved in, you may remember, we had neither oven nor stove and were living out of the microwave, crockpot, and griddle. Then, a friend of Nathan's gave us his old stove/oven, of which only the stove really worked.

I was happy, I could boil have no idea what it was like not being able to boil water. And the oven worked once in a while, so we were pretty happy.

The kitchen is set up so the place where the refrigerator would stand is overhung by regular-size cabinets, so we need a refrigerator that is roughly my height or a little shorter. These are a bit hard to come by, so our refrigerator was a full-size model which was in the house Nathan grew up in. At our house, it sat in the breeze way which connected our kitchen and garage. So if we needed anything out of the fridge we had to leave the kitchen and try to keep the cats in, which was sometimes a bit of a challenge.

A few months ago, Nathan's sister and brother-in-law let us know about a smaller fridge and a stove/oven just became available. We brought the appliances to the house where they sat in the garage for a few months until we had a free weekend. I am happy to report that the fridge fits under the cabinets (just barely). I celebrated this by covering it in magnets. And I attempted to make tuna casserole today and the oven...WORKS!!!

So happy!

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