Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This whole house is in pretty rough shape. The last tenants didn't take good care of it at all and then it sat empty for a little while after they were evicted.

The worst room is what Nathan calls the music room, because when the two ladies who initially owned the house lived here, they kept a baby grand piano in it. I call it the sun room because we do not own a piano and even if we did my music skills are such that I would hardly know what to do with it.It's kind of hard to see the purple splotches on the wall. I think they were paint balls and Nathan thinks they were some form of grape juice projectile. Anyway, we decided to start painting...and for obvious reasons, we started in this room. It took two coats of primer and several coats of "stain killer" to eradicate these stupid little spots.

I think it turned out rather well. We also didn't have enough furniture for this room, so two weekends ago, Pam and my sister-in-law Janelle, and her husband, and I all went garage saling. I bought a new couch, two chairs, and a coffee table, and a bunch of other little things, all without breaking $100. Yay garage sales!

That isn't to say the room was ready right away. Our living room looked like a gypsy bazaar for about a week.

But, finally, using my wonderful garage sale finds (cat with glowing eyes not included) and some things I acquired from my grandmother's house, we got the room decorated and functional. I just have a few things to hang up. I think it already looks pretty good.

I was, of course, the first person to use it.Special thanks to Pam and Craig for letting us paint. Also, big thanks to Mom, Dad, and Anne for helping!


  1. I can't believe those spots took that much work! Annoying!

    But, I love how it all turned out. That couch is in such good shape!

  2. Your sun room looks beautiful. You did a good job picking out the furniture!