Monday, June 1, 2009

The Netflicks War

For the last year or so now, I have been trying to convince Nathan to let us have Netflicks. Almost everyone we know has it, and they love it. I love movies and could watch tons of them if I had access to something like Netflicks.

But Nathan is a librarian's son and his answer to this was always "Go to the library, we can get movies there for free." While this is true, and I love libraries, my movie tastes tend to blend the old and new in a way most libraries have difficulty accommodating. Then I realized the library is hooked into a giant system in which I can order movies from other libraries and keep them for a week, since that is the way the Waterman library handles movie check-outs.

I went on their web site to test my new found theory. The system passed the Margaret test. I found a movie I had been wanting to see forever but had only been able to find audio recordings of. I don't think even Netflicks had it.

So the library has become my very own Netflicks...for free! I've already placed a few holds on things. I'm so excited. Sorry, Pam.

The downside to this system is that libraries have due dates...but that seems like small potatoes now.

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