Monday, May 14, 2012

Screen Time

This is the biggest parenting dilemma I have come across so far.

If you know Nathan and I, you probably know we don't watch television.  We have a TV and it is hooked up to the power so we can watch movies, but not to any source of TV programing.  The only things I really watch are Dr. Who on Netflix and The Big Bang Theory occasionally on or the DVD seasons we have and Pushing Daisies on DVD.  Nathan watches even less than I do.

And since we've brought Elijah home, I get really uncomfortable any time he is around any screens.  Occasionally, we watch vintage clips of Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers on You Tube.  But even children's shows make me uncomfortable.  And this really isn't just television, this is any screen.  I get antsy when he looks at the computer, too.  But, usually when I check my e-mail in the morning, he's sitting on my lap.

I don't even know why it bothers me so much.  We watched TV growing up and so did Nathan and his sister.  But for some reason, any time Elijah is in the room and there is a screen on, I have to fight the urge to pick him up and go elsewhere.

The only exception was last week, there was a day when it was so hot, Elijah did not want to be held or cuddled and I was getting tired of being screamed at.  So I put him in his bouncy chair and pointed it at the TV and we watched Disney's Robin Hood, the one with the foxes.  I tried watching a movie we ordered from Netflix while we were playing on the floor, but every time he looked at the screen, I felt a surge of panic and ended up turning it off after about ten minutes.

Instead we listen to a lot of music around here, and we read a lot of books.  We go for long walks, and play on the floor.

I realize this complete avoidance of television is probably not good for him, either.  I just haven't been able to make myself okay with exposing him to it yet.

**Please understand I am not trying to pass judgement on anyone whose children watch TV.  I'm just trying to figure out how things will work for us.**

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