Wednesday, April 13, 2011

While we wait...

Two months ago Nathan and I became officially certified foster parents.  Since then the wait has been a very big, but unspoken part of our lives.  I've been wondering, since then, what are acceptable baby-related activities for prospective adoptive parents.

We plan on painting the baby's room, but haven't done it yet.  I've been knitting baby hats and booties like crazy.  I bought a couple baby outfits, just one or two in case we get a call out of the blue and need to be ready right away.  And yes, we have picked out names, more or less, Nathan doesn't like to make "concrete" pronouncements until he absolutely has to.  But the girl's name we picked so far is Natalie Joyce and for a boy Elijah Tarbert (it's my paternal grandmother's maiden name).

But part of me is scared that having done even these few and necessary things, we might be "jinxing" oursevles in some way.  I don't know many other adoptive parents, so I don't know how far ahead or behind we actually are.  Part of me wants to buy all the nursery furniture we need right now, car seats, toys and everything and just have the room absolutely ready for the little one.  We told the agency we would happily accept twins if the chance arose.  Should we have secondary names picked out, just in case?

I don't know how much of  this is "in case" and how much is just masochistic.

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