Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It is shocking to me how much crap two people can accumulate in three years. Nathan and I started moving boxes two weeks ago. Even though we've gotten a bunch of things moved, it doesn't look much like it. There are still boxes stacked all over the kitchen and obviously everything we use on a daily basis is still here.

But this is a step up. The last time Nathan moved, when he left Waterman to come to Tinley Park before we got married, I showed up at his house the night before he was supposed to move and he hadn't packed anything. It was very stressful as we and his parents ran around throwing things in boxes and bags.

My biggest worry is the house. There was a time we were going to buy it and I'm kind of depressed now that we are just renting it. Originally I had so many plans for it, and Nathan had to remind me last night that things might not be able to work out the way I want them to.

We're really grateful to Pam and Craig, my in-laws for letting us live there and, when I thought about it, I actually really like the paint colors of almost all the rooms.

The house is in pretty rough shape, but it's a beautiful old place with lots of character and, as my friend Jules pointed out, it's going to look amazing once we're done with it.

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