Thursday, March 5, 2009

Looking for the levity

It wasn't long after Nathan lost his job that we were able to at least see what the lighter side of the situation might be. We get to move home, like we wanted and Nathan doesn't have to commute. Thought we'll be trying to make it on like one and a half incomes for a little while, it's not like we haven't been in that situation before. It took me four months after we got married to find a job, and things worked out all right.

The truth is that this just proves to me life really is a wheel. A few months ago things were going very well for us, we were both working and at least relatively happy, we were saving money and getting ready to start the adoption process.

But, Nathan has a job interview later this month at Northern, which is where we want him to work, anyway, so everyone say a little prayer that he gets it.

The moving process has been interesting. I've never been in charge of moving a whole household before. We've already got a few boxes at the house with more and furniture to follow this weekend. Mostly our living room is filled with boxes in various states of readiness.

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