Monday, January 12, 2009

When a week kicks your butt...

Last Tuesday, my grandmother, Mary Patricia Eaton passed away. The first full week I was supposed to have at work in three weeks turned into a three-day work-week. (I didn't want to sit around feeling sad Wednesday, so I went in to work.) And for as hard as the ensuing four day weekend was, I learned to be grateful for quite a few things.

1. I had nearly 25 years with my Grandma, most of them filled with love and happy memories.
2. My brother, though we haven't always gotten along, will drive from Virginia to Illinois to share the hard times.
3. There is no support system like a large family. This includes everyone: uncles, aunts, cousins, their kids, mom, dad, siblings, and in-laws.
4. Wakes are strange affairs, blending the tragic and the happy, when you see people you haven't seen in years and people don't mind crying and laughing within the span of the same hug.
5. Older cousins are important
6. When someone lives their whole life in one town, it means they have lots of really good friends
7. There is a Fail Blog to cheer us up when we are sad
8. God will provide a guilt free way to get new glasses (my sisters' dogs in a destructive mood).
9. At 8 p.m., our landlord will cut a hole in the wall to rescue a tiny feline (see next post).
10. But most importantly, my grandparents are together again.

Mary Patricia Tarbert Eaton---June 17, 1932--January 6, 2009

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