Thursday, November 13, 2008


The real danger of jumping is that it doesn't always work. Invariably, at least once, you will end up falling flat on your face. And recently, though it may be for the best, Nathan and I had a bit of a crash landing.

The house we were going to buy needs a little too much work for it to be a feasible option for us right now. Apart from the roof and windows that we knew would need to be replaced if not this year, then in the next couple of years, the furnace needs to be replaced this year.

My little car, which I got free from a family member when I was a senior in college is not in very good shape and will also likely have to be replaced in the next few years. On top of the down payment, this is just a little too much money up front for us right now.

While this is a sad development, we both really wanted to live in that house, it also frees us up for another of our goals. We will probably be able to adopt sometime this year or next. I'm a little concerned that no one will want us because we will be living in an apartment or townhouse, but I'm still optomistic. Ideally we would still like to be living in DeKalb County near family, but right now we're just excited at the prospect of beginning the adoption process.

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  1. All kinds of adoptive parents live in apartments and townhouses. If you're not choosen for that reason - well that's just silliness at it's worst.