Wednesday, November 5, 2008


To say the least, last night's election didn't go quite the way I wanted. I really wanted this to be an angry post about how this country just elected a lying (lawyer) crook (Illinois politician).

But I have been annoyed all day by a little (tiny little) feeling of enthusiasm at the back of my mind. I imagine it is because we are all ready for a breath of fresh air after President Bush. If you really want to change things, Mr. Obama, and you really want to be my president, let's see you really change things.

Change the culture of death in this country: don't encourage death related bills: no partial birth abortion (I would say repeal Roe vs. Wade, but I won't ask too much of you just yet), no "right to die," and no death penalty.

Make your changes with vigilant respect of this country's history and principles.

All in all, my first conclave was way more exciting and productive than the first presidential election I've ever voted in. And I didn't even have a say in the conclave.

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  1. Margaret, I'm SO glad to read this post. I agree - the conclave was more exciting. But maybe now we know how all the cafeteria catholics felt when Cardinal Ratzinger was elected.

    Oh holy God in Heave, have mercy on us.