Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I realize it's a bit cliche to say that as the mom of a little guy, I'm kind of strapped for time.  But I never considered before how this would affect the different aspects of my daily life.

For example:
  • Showering everyday is a luxury now.  Some weeks I go every other day because I would rather nap or go to bed a few minutes early than shower.
  • Cleaning mostly happens when the little guy is asleep.
  • Writing is a sometimes activity now.
  • It takes me about a week to say one Rosary.

I really didn't see that last one coming and it is really difficult to handle.  I love my Rosary.  I love to contemplate the mysteries and feel very much in touch with Our Lady and her Blessed Son.  But what I've noticed: it's kind of a long prayer.  And when I have 20 minutes at a time together, I have trouble disciplining myself to say my Rosary instead of relax and watch Netflix or do the dishes.  (I've tried saying my Rosary while I do's a no-go, I always loose my place.)

So, these days, I say about one or two decades a day and after a completed Rosary, I take a couple days before I start the next one.  This is one of those difficult parts of motherhood that no one anticipates.

It's not that I don't pray or I have somehow become less prayerful.  We have created a special bedtime prayer routine for Elijah and I say morning prayers while he has his bottle or cereal.  I love to take him to Mass and have that time as well.

But I miss my Rosary.

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