Friday, November 11, 2011

A Musical Soul

I surprised myself the other day with asking Nathan if he wanted to buy a piano.  Wait, what?  See, it's still surprising.

I've been noticing lately that every time we go over to his parents' house, Nathan always settles down in front of the piano and plays "Rainbow Connection,"  one of his favorite songs.  The other day began a full-house search for the sheet music for "Ashokan Farewell" (that song that plays over and over during the Ken Burns Civil War series).  It's another one of his favorites.  We didn't end up finding it and I forget what he ended up playing instead.

He even tries to get me to play, but I can only handle either the top or bottom parts of Heart and Soul and when he tries to play the other part I get thrown off.

Nathan has always been musical: he played French horn in high school band and has been playing piano since grade school, not to mention singing in choir.

Lately he's even found a little protege.  Our niece, Sophie, loves the piano.  Every time he starts playing she has to be right there watching and banging away on the other end of the keyboard.  She even insisted once that her high chair be moved so she could watch him play.

I happened to glance at the newspaper the last time we were leaving his Mom and Dad's house and saw that someone is selling a Story and Clark upright piano for $100.  We're going to wait until it gets a little closer to Thanksgiving and call about coming to see it.

If we choose to buy it, hopefully we can get my brother-in-law's help moving it after the holiday.

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