Monday, June 20, 2011

The Little Dark Knight

No, Nathan and I haven't heard anything about an adoption yet, but I've been wondering lately what kind of parent I want to be...or even will be.  I had a funny experience this weekend that kind of showed me what I would like to be as a parent.

Nathan and I stopped at Casey's yesterday on the way home from my mom and dad's house.  We ran in to get a few things and while we were standing in line, I noticed a father with a group of children, one of the little boys (he might have been 6 or 7) in the group stood out.  He was wearing a full Batman Dark Knight costume.  He had the little hood with the spikes and everything.  He was too cute.  It didn't look exactly like this, but close enough.

As we stood there, the Dad stepped out of line and went to get something from a shelf and the child followed him.  The Dad turned part way around and pointed back to the line and said "Go keep the peace over there, Dark Knight."  I had the prefect visual of this kid not wanting to leave the house in anything but his Dark Knight costume and it struck me as a very loving gesture of his father to let him and then to kind of play along.  Even though it may have actually come after hours of crying and temper tantrums.  I don't know why, but this really spoke to me.  In an "it's not a big deal so don't sweat it" sort of way.

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