Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It feels a bit more like summer today, but spring, one of my favorite seasons, is definitely here.  I got home from a dispatcher class today and noticed that the red-bud tree at the end of our driveway had blossomed.  It only blumes for about two weeks, but it is an absolutely beautiful tree.  I'll try to get a picture of it up later.

Nathan got out into the field with his dad for the first time today to help with planting, which he enjoys. While he was out doing that I put an edge of primer around the ceiling in our bedroom.  We finished painting Nathan's office in Feburary and this month are working in our room.  I've decided to go with a shade of light blue and can't wait to no longer see the disgusting shade of pink-purple the room is now.  I'll  try to post pictures of the finished room later, too.

I knowmy posting has slackened off lately, and I'll make a more concerted effort to update more frequently.

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