Friday, February 6, 2009

Raglan Road

My family is into Irish music in a big way. Every time we all get together, whether it's just my immediate family or the whole big group of Eatons, there's always Irish music playing somewhere.

My father asked me a while ago what my favorite Irish song was and I couldn't come up with one. Well, now I know. My favorite Irish tune is called "Raglan Road." The best version I have heard of it to date is the Dubliner's late lead singer Luke Kelly's version, it's mournful and beautiful. Here's a little rundown of my favorites.

1--Raglan Road
2--Fields of Athenry
4--Gypsy Rover
5--Spanish Lady
6--Wild Colonial Boy
7--Minstrel Boy
8--Leaving of Liverpool
9--Rare Auld Times

Let me know if I forgot any that you know I like.

P.S. I'll post on the conference after it's over...I'm just too stressed right now.

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